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Our fully qualified and accredited therapists provide counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

We offer psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and counselling in Dublin and Wicklow across our three locations.

We work with both adults and youths, individuals and couples. Our experience has helped us work with as many problems as are imaginable. Anyone is welcome to make an appointment.

Sessions are offered Monday-Friday 7:30am to 10:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Duration & Frequency
The duration and frequency of sessions are variable with your needs in mind. Weekly sessions are typically advised for most.

Sessions are offered on the basis of a sliding scale. The cost of an initial consultation is €90. In this initial meeting your psychotherapist will agree on a price that you are ready to pay. Cancellations made within 48hrs of initial appointment will incur a charge to cover the cost of the consultation. Couples sessions are charged at a rate of €140 per session.

Several of our therapists are full members of PSI and therefore some costs are covered by Aviva, Laya, and VHI. Reimbursements can be subject to rigorous criterion so it is important to contact your health insurer to gain a better insight in to specifically what your plan will cover.


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