Stellar Magazine Interview with Psychotherapist Colin McDonnell

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Stellar Magazine speak to psychoanalytic psychotherapist Colin McDonnell on how to make the most of our mornings

In an era where ‘well-being’ is touted regularly much is said about getting our body and minds in to the best shape possible. Between cabbage-water fads, paleo diets, dedication to yoga and meditation gurus it can all become a little confusing. Stellar Magazine spoke to psychoanalytic psychotherapist Colin McDonnell on how exactly to tackle and plan a routine geared towards an ever illusive well-being.

Can our morning habits really make a difference to our day?

“Certainly,” says Colin. “Humans derive a certain pleasure from ritualistic behaviour. This repetition can be extremely comforting and enjoyable. Finding a way of operating that suits your needs can affect all facets of your life including social, sexual, and work aspects.”

How can we create a routine that works?

“It might sound easy but it’s a process that involves some real work and talking through,” advises Colin. “Analysing your own habits and figuring out which parts are enjoyable and which parts you can do without should be the very first step in inventing a routine.

Rather than waiting for a situation to fix itself, why not be proactive about it? Talking things through with an experienced professional can be the most useful way of re-arranging our lives to suit us. Seeing a psychotherapist or counsellor is no longer a case of a last resort in times of crisis, but can be the most effective way to produce life-balance.

Psychotherapy Dublin has highly skilled counsellors and psychotherapists who are ready to help in this respect. If you would like to work towards a greater life-balance why not give us a call?

Click here for Colin’s full interview with Stellar Magazine.

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Colin McDonnell is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with over ten years experience working in different health and social settings. Currently he works as a psychoanalyst and Clinic Director at Psychotherapy Dublin. As an accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist he is a member of APPI, ICP, PSI and PPS. He also holds masters degrees in both psychoanalytic psychotherapy and addiction studies.